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In order for us to discover more the meaning and essence of our existence, it is necessary that we must drift away and rediscover anew the power of silence. Silence here does not just imply keeping mute neither does it imply remaining cold, indifferent and timid in the face of evils. Our concept of silence here implies carving out a considerable amount of time for self reflection and interior conversation with our being.  Our modern world marked with technological mastery seems to downplay this attitude. Most of us find it difficult to keep still even while sleeping. We tend to relish one form of noise at one point or the other. Silence is not our enemy. It is in fact a great teacher. By allowing stillness to unfold, we come very close to our true self. The contemporary man faces many problems today as a result of his inability to break out of his noisy environment. Cardinal Robert Sarah reflecting on this points at “the dictatorship of noise” which is very pervasive today. Noise of course has its negative effects. Today in the hospitals and houses of psychologists people constantly complain of increase in stress levels. These are not just due to the nature of our work places or family problems but also fruits of excessive noise. In addition to stress levels, we have reduced mental energy, daily unexamined lives and consciences. No one sees the need for stock taking and sober reflection.  This might actually pose the question, are we afraid of what we will discover when we come face to face with ourselves?  From the moment when we are awake, we are already confronted with some inner noise, our stream of thoughts,  memories,  day dreams and fantasies, fears. One with no interior silence will continue navigating between the past and the uncertain future without learning how to live in the present. This is because, he has lost touch with the “teacher within”, the peace of soul. We can also loose our authenticity. Just like a sponge, our minds unknowingly pick up all kinds of behaviours, perceptions from the world around us, our TVs internet, videos. That is why the wise man must return to silence again. Today, the topic of meditation is not widely discussed except within the religious setting. People tend to see meditation as a prerogative of those who wish to embrace a religious vocation. This is quite erroneous. Every man needs some alone time and moments of introspection devoid of any religion or not. With interior silence, we can rebalance our value system. When people focus their attention on frivolities and shadows, we can always turn our gaze to the question of a meaningful existence. Silence can be the catalyst. We are in constant need of Deegotizing ourselves so that the I can emerge. A gregarious civilization and the rationalizing slogans of the crowd must be avoided. The man who desires to excel in character must retire to himself. Through this, new windows are opened, new lights shine in and one sees a strong resolution to be better emerging from the Soul. Have a blissful week! 


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