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As the polls get set for the forthcoming USA presidential election come November 8, I am quite concerned about the outcome of this election. Being the 58 quadrennial USA election, I have a conviction that it will go a long way to shape the history and future of not just the US but the world at large. I am not an American either by citizenship or by naturalization. But of course, what ever affects America will either directly or indirectly affect other countries not necessarily because of their wealth or technology but rather due to the complementary nature of the world we live in. We can’t pretend not to have noticed that. A lot of proximate and remote preparations have been made by both parties in the form of debates, campaigns, conferences, talks,  internet sensations and more. I don’t intend to be partisan here( of course I am not even voting) or to dogmatically endorse any candidate. My task here rather is to rouse minds who might be voting or be in a position to advise voters. This is to enable them to vote aright. It is no longer news that our civilization is decaying and a great part of humanity is unconscious of this tragedy. In some countries today (including our dear America), there is the liquidation of the economic man or the assumption that man who is a highly developed animal has no function in life other than to produce and acquire wealth and then like the cattle be filled with years and die. We also see the liquidation of the idea of the natural goodness of man who has no need of God to give him rights, no need of a redeemer to salvage him from guilt because we live in an age of automatic progress, thanks to education and science. What we see today greatly reflects the philosophy of Comte, Darwin and Spencer. The third idea is extreme rationalism that shows itself in the false sense that the supreme purpose of life is not the discovery of the meaning and goal of life but solely to devise new technical advances to make this world a city of man(civitas homo) so as to displace the city of God (civitas dei). The fruits of such a city can be guessed, an anti-God and an anti-sin civilization.  One of the ways in which the Americans choose candidates to represent them in government is on the basis of parties. But this is gradually loosing its meaning. There is one standard that has not been universally maximized and that is, “choosing candidates on moral grounds”. When the moral stand is different, then the legislation will be different. As long as we refuse to believe that morality has a role to play in politics, then we can’t meet up with the contemporary challenges. Modern political leaders devoid of moral inspiration and relying solely on mere mass opinion will prove deficienct in the time of crisis. If there is a time when the American will suffer under a totalitarian state denying them the right to worship God, it will be because, for years they thought it made no difference what kind of people represented them in Congress. Woe to us if morality cannot seep into the polling booths! Woe again to us again if we subscribe to a party that is anti-God! This is America’s finest moment to get it right. She must realize that above all the schemes and political propaganda, there is nothing more fundamental to the revival of true democracy than the restoration of the family. The family greatly signifies that there is another wealth other than just paper wealth. By family, I think of the unbreakable bonds between the husband and wife, the wealth and future of the unborn child. The voters must bear these in mind. Let them remember that the danger is always from the inside not outside. When a nation ceases to place value on the home, then the value of a person will diminish. Soonest man will begin to be valued because of what he can do for a revolutionary class and this will eventually lead to communism. We must learn from history!  Finally my dear Americans, my prayers go with you as you proceed to the polls, so that, the right choice can be made and the future of your country will be truly secured. May the Virgin Mary continue to Shield the USA with her Mantle. 


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